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scathan's Journal

Aidan Connolly
29 April
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Things got weird when Aidan's dad left his mom for his 22-year-old secretary, Becki-with-an-'i'.

They got weirder when he returned home a little over a year later because Becki-with-an-'i' had left him for Helio, the masseuse from the spa they went to on their Greek honeymoon.

Sophia would have welcomed him back, but there was the issue of the proposal she had just accepted from his best friend, Franklin.

Then Aidan went into sixth grade.

Aidan has spent his life being chronically embarrassed by his parents' inability to commit to anything beyond which handkerchief to put in the pocket of tonight's Italian silk suit, and is prone to cringe when the topic of his family comes up. He lives with his mother, father, stepfather, and whichever girlfriend his father has brought home today, and although he'd never be able to prove it (and would be mortified to speak it aloud), he suspects that his parents are involved in more than a little spouse-swapping. The Connollys' inability to commit extends to where they live, and they recently decided that they were bored to death with L.A., and that Albuquerque was just lovely this time of year. So, right smack in the middle of his senior year, the awkward family packed up and moved to New Mexico. Now, with one semester to go, Aidan finds himself with no friends, no connections, no nothing.
Aidan's utter lack of a stable relationship model has led to him being an outrageous flirt - with men, women, whatever: as long as they're attractive, they're more than likely fair game. Although he has a lot of acquaintances, he has few close friends. His outgoing nature belies a rather petty and cruel personality, just as likely to drop a friendship if it bores him as nurture it. He's also proudly bisexual, and although he doesn't make a big deal about it, he doesn't stand for homophobia or ignorance.
This is an RP journal for thewildcatsrpg. I am not Marteinn or Aidan Connolly. No money is being made, this is strictly for entertainment purposes.
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